Alfredo Eandrade

Change of Clothes

In previous works, I have explored elements that have a bearing on our own definition, such as the context or the lack thereof, words in the press, the judging gaze of others and sexist labelling.

In this zenithal installation, parental sentences and peer labelling at school are the lexical units excerpted from speech to work with.

An emotional turmoil catches spectators unaware in their own habitat, in their own historical closet, leaving them speechless in front of a change of clothes.

In such a domestic support as children clothes are, the presence of porcelain and earthenware is crucial for this work coming to fruition. They provide both burden and sonority to words. If these names did not place a burden on us or make so much noise, we would not notice them.

Nonetheless, not all is written in stone. To gain height, we may cast off the mooring lines, drop ballast and redistribute the load. We can always rewrite ourselves with what we essentially are, mud and words.

What are we if we are not defined by ourselves or others? What do we do with so many labels deeply rooting within us?