Alfredo Eandrade

Floods of Tears

In previous works, I have explored two elements that define us into being: words and mud. In this work, I am incorporating another two elements, equally inevitable in our foundation and definition: the gaze of others and water.

If most of our being is water, how much of this water is tears? Like ourselves, these vessels hold and carry old tears and express a complexity balanced by the simplicity of their shape.

These tear containers carry references to both a watery elapse of time and to that water within us always ready to spring, longing to flow, longing for catharsis and presence.

By the looping Super 8 mm biographical video, these vessels are infused with an affinity, with the chaotic complexity of our own memories whimsically projected onto our consciousness again and again.

Conceptually, it is a piece to celebrate the power of water within us, as a means to make us aware of our tenuous grasp of life, our flowing futility.

What a drive that of flowing! How atavistic is this urgency to return to the very first moment we existed, to let the water we still are emerge, cleanse and flow alike.

Remaining faithful to the essential concept, I have deliberately produced this artwork in a series. Different installations and videos have been exhibited worldwide. Paradoxically, the more I am myself in art, the more universal the message.

This series has already been selected for exhibitions in Spain, Austria, Croatia, Portugal, Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan and Argentina.